Bowles: ‘What me and Mike talk about is private’ Dan Leberfeld

Q)Will Bryce Petty start against the Patriots?

Todd Bowles: Correct.

Q)Do you see Christian Hackenberg receiving any playing time?

Bowles: We’ll see.

Q)What will go into that decision?

Bowles: We’ll see. Bryce is starting.

Q)Would you split the game between the two quarterbacks?

Bowles: We’ll see.

Q)Will Hackenberg receive limited first-team reps this week?

Bowles: He’s been getting them.

Q)How has Hackenberg looked in practice?

Bowles: He’s fine.

Q)When will you make the decision on whether Hackenberg will play?

Bowles: Probably sometime during the game. We’ll see how the game is going.

Q)Is Hackenberg ready to play?

Bowles: Yes, he’s ready to play.

Q)Why wouldn’t you take a look at Hackenberg if he’s ready to play?

Bowles: Bryce is the second-team quarterback.

Q)Do you need to play Hackenberg and see what he can do?

Bowles: No, not really. If I play (Hackenberg), we’ll see how Bryce goes, but I don’t feel the need to put (Hackenberg) in this game.

Q)Is there a risk-reward you have to consider with playing Hackenberg?

Bowles: It’s not a risk-reward. It’s the last game of the season. Bryce had a chance to play two games, we’re trying to see what we have in him. Christian’s time will come. (To) put him out there the last game and expect him to be superman, we’d be fooling ourselves.

Q)What are your thoughts on Hackenberg not playing yet at this point of his career?

Bowles: We see him every day in practice and we saw him in the preseason. We’re comfortable.

Q)What does deciding to play Hackenberg during the game depend upon?

Bowles: That would mean I’ll decide during the game if I want to play him or not.

Q)How much did you learn from Hackenberg’s reps in the preseason?

Bowles: You can pull a lot out of preseason. He had a new offense, too. He learned, he played a lot in the preseason. Mentally, he got better at a lot of things and we’ll go from there. The regular season’s not preseason. You don’t get a chance to play those guys like you want to and you don’t just pull them in and out, put them in and out and expect them to play when the defenses are more complex than they are in the preseason.

Q)Has Mike Maccagnan talked to you at all about playing Hackenberg?

Bowles: What me and Mike talk about is private.