Todd Bowles on the Jets’ injuries . . . Dan Leberfeld

Q)Why didn’t Quincy Enunwa practice today?

Todd Bowles: He got injured yesterday, so he’s inside getting treatment.

Q)What is Enunwa’s injury?

Bowles: It’s training camp, I’m not going to get into that until I have too.

Q)Is Enunwa’s injury related to the neck?

Bowles: No.

Q)Is Enunwa’s injury anything significant?

Bowles: Training camp injury, he will be fine and he’ll get back when he gets back.

Q)Why did Brian Winters miss the end of practice?

Bowles: I didn’t see him and wasn’t looking for him, but I will find out when I go inside.

Q)Why does Buster Skrine have a cast on his hand?

Bowles: He’s got a splint, hurt his finger.

Q)What is Jordan Leggett’s injury?

Bowles: Training camp injury again, we got guys that will be in and out for the next couple of weeks. When he gets back he will be ready.

Q)Could any of these injuries linger into the regular season?

Bowles:I won’t speculate on injuries at this time, but we’ll see.