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It was a fair question.

It was from SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano to Joe Douglas, and pertained to the challenge of signing free agent receivers if they don’t know who the quarterback is going to be.

Here is that exchange from the transcript:

Ralph Vacchiano, SNY: Obviously, it sounds like you won’t have a decision on Sam or a quarterback by the time free agency starts. Do you worry at all that that might hurt you in free agency? I would assume that some players, particularly receivers, will want to know who the quarterback is going to be next year.

JD: No, I feel like we’re well positioned. I feel like this isn’t going to hurt us in terms of free agents. For the remainder of this week, we’re going to be on the phone with the agents of our own current players that are hitting for agency. I really don’t feel like that’s going to affect our free agent plans or player free agent plans as it pertains to us.

While the question was a good one, I agree with Douglas.

Perhaps if you were looking to sign Allen Robinson or Chris Godwin to a monster contract, they would want to know. After all Robinson is a terrific talent who has been held back by inconsistent QB in Jacksonville and Chicago, and Godwin, played this year with perhaps the best of all time, so his bar if very high right now.

But I really don’t see Joe going out and breaking the bank on a wide receiver. Long-time scouts like Douglas know that quarterbacks make receivers, receivers don’t make quarterbacks. We have talked about that theory a lot over the years. In other words, a free agent big money wideout isn’t going to help the QB read defense better, go through is progressions better or improve his mechanics. It’s a fantasy football mentality to think that adding star receivers will make the QB better. Yes, it’s important to have good weapons, but no, it’s not a magic wand that will fix what ills the QB.

Also, if they want a receiver to compliment Denzel Mims, Douglas can always add a player with one of his five picks in the first 87.

However, in free agency, I could see them signing a guy like San Francisco’s Kendrick Bourne. First of all, he knows the offensive system Mike LaFleur is installing. But more importantly, he’s a good player; very underrated. In 2019, a season the 49ers went to the Super Bowl, he was tied with George Kittle for most TD’s with five. Last year, he had 49 receptions. Terrific player a little under the radar.

And a guy like Bourne isn’t going to make a fuss about who the QB is going to be. He will trust the powers-that-be to get that position right.

At receiver, the Jets might already have two key positions filled with Mims, who looks like he can be a #1, and Jamison Crowder, one of the best slot receivers in football.

They will definitely add some receivers in free agency, and of course some might wonder who the QB is going to be, but this is going to be a buyer’s market with the cap going way down, so most receivers, aside from likely the top few, aren’t going to make a big deal over the QB.

And let’s be honest, I think most of them kind of know it’s probably going to be Darnold or Zach Wilson, don’t you think?

March 5, 2021

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