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Florham Park – Hot one today for the Jets on the practice field, and one player got really hot in the middle of the practice . . .

Temple center Kyle Friend had a poor snap to a QB and was forced to run a penalty lap around the outside of the field.

I haven’t seen many of those around here this summer.

I talking penalty laps, not bad snaps. There have been too many bad snaps. And maybe that is why he was forced to run a penalty

But I’m not sure I’d have a 6-0, 304-pound man doing a penalty lap today. It was the hottest day of camp with a 107-degree heat index. I got a little dizzy just watching.

Friend got through it fine, so no harm, no foul.

It’s really interesting on these hot days in camp how there are always coaches wearing black full-sleeve pullovers.

I have been covering the Jets for 20 years, and this has always been the case.

My guess it’s done to lose weight.

When you wear a black sweatshirt with a 107 heat index, you are going to drop some pounds . . .

There was a little drama in today’s practice.

After getting beat deep on a post route by Jalin Marshall, backup safety Dion Bailey was livid.

He took his jersey and pads off on the sideline. This was of his own doing. Nobody told him to take his stuff off.

From what I can gather – he felt disrespected and like he’s not being given a fair shot.

Well first of all, if he was reprimanded at all after giving up a deep post to Marshall that is crazy.

First of all, he’s a safety covering a really quick slot receiver with no help. Second, as has been case far too often in this camp, there was no pass rush, so the QB (I’m not sure which one), had all day to throw, and Bailey had to cover Marshall for a long time.

Look, I’m not making excuses for Bailey, but this was an impossible coverage situation for him.

Bailey is probably wondering why he’s so far down on the depth chart, behind the starters and Rontez Miles. He’s even listed on the Jets’ website depth chart behind Ronald Martin. Why he’s listed behind Martin, we have no idea. That’s not fair.

You could make a strong argument Bailey should be the Jets third safety behind the starters. While Miles is a tremendous hitter, he’s got a lot of lower body stiffness and struggles in coverage.

In a way, I can see why Bailey is pissed off.

But taking off your pads and jersey on the practice field isn’t the best way to handle it.

However, let me say, I’ve talked to him many times, and he’s a very impressive guy. He’s very bright, has his degree and is a very decent person. This isn’t a guy with character issues.

I just think he reached his boiling point with camp politics, and it probably didn’t help that it was a 107 heat index . . .

By the way, not to pat myself on the back, because this is a very negative prediction that unfortunately came true.

Remember in Saturday’s Web Whispers I wrote how there is a good chance that there was a chance running back Romar Morris was going to get hurt with how much he’s being used. This is a 190-pound skinny rookie running back in need of an NFL strength program. Remember, rookies get in to late to get a lot of the off-season weight program.

Well today, he got hurt. It looks like a serious shoulder injury thanks to a hit by Miles.

I just think he’s just too small to be carrying the ball as much as he did in the game and in practice.

Like I said the other day, this would be like using Bruce Harper as a featured back . . .

August 13, 2016

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