Two different kinds of owners Dan Leberfeld

They are very different people . . .

When the Jets hired Joe Douglas to be their GM in 2019, and then Robert Saleh to be their head coach in 2021, those men were hired by owner Christopher Johnson, who was filling in for his brother, Woody Johnson, who had an assignment overseas.

Christopher and Woody aren’t wired the same.

And as for ownership style, Christopher is considered more hands-off, and generally lets his football people do their things.

Woody’s history, prior to his three years away from the team, was much more hands-on, with the trade for Brett Favre in August of 2008 being an example.

So the report from former NFL GM Michael Lombardi, on his podcast earlier this week, should not come as a surprise:

“I hear the owner wants (Mike) LaFleur gone and (Robert) Saleh is digging in the trenches. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I heard the owner wants to get rid of the entire offensive staff.” – Lombardi said Monday on the GM Shuffle.

This doesn’t sound like a position Christopher would take, and he’s the guy who hired Douglas and Saleh. According to a league source, Christopher told his GM and coach that he would take a “light touch” as owner.

You have to wonder how Douglas/Saleh feel about their new boss, a man who didn’t interview or hire them. Do the men have any buyer’s remorse?

In any business, we all know, when the boss changes, often many other things change as well, and it’s sometimes not what you signed up for as an employee.


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