What can Jets take away from Pittsburgh and Jints? Dan Leberfeld

The last two weeks Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants did a good job against the Patriots offense. Can the Jets take anything away from that?

“The one thing I saw (was) that Pittsburgh was very aggressive – it’s really in-your-face man coverage, which really isn’t necessarily Pittsburgh’s style,” Rex Ryan said. “Pittsburgh is more of a zone. But they really got into them, probably more so than they thought they would, moreso than I thought they would. And then the Giants, they attack different with that front four of theirs. We do things a little different, but again, I’ll steal from anybody.

“It’s a chess match. If that guy knows what you’re in, if (Tom) Brady knows what you’re in, he can carve you up. So you have to be multiple on defense and obviously we have to do a much better job of stopping the run this time than we did the last time we played New England.”