What did you expect early in camp? Joe Montana? Dan Leberfeld

He’s been very inconsistent early in training camp, but who cares?

What did you expect from a 22-year-old rookie QB, who came out after his junior year, Aaron Rodgers out there from the get-go?

Zach Wilson has his good plays, and his bad plays, but the most important thing for him now is learning – the system, reading defenses, how his teammates run routes and so forth. This time of year isn’t about style points or practice QB stats, it’s about growth.

“We’re all learning. I have to make some better decisions, but I know that I’m learning from all of those,” Wilson said on Saturday after Jets practice. “It’s the reason we do this whole thing, is to be able to get used to that kind of stuff and how we can clean it up.”

That is what training camp is for, cleaning things up, getting the kinks out. This is like a Broadway show early in rehearsals. Are you going to review a show early in rehearsals? Absolutely not.

People getting caught up in how Wilson looks now need to take a chill pill.

NFL QB is probably the most difficult position in all of sports.

If you expect a player to have everything figured out after a couple of weeks of his first training camp, you’re not dealing with reality.


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