What should Jets ultimate goal be this year?

So what would a good season for the 2023 New York Jets look like?
Some would say after missing the playoffs the last 12 years in a row, a current high in pro sports, just making the playoffs would be good.
New Jets QB Aaron Rodgers doesn’t look at it that way.
“It’s not just getting in the playoffs and having a winning season,” Rodgers said in the spring. “It’s doing what I think, what Woody (Johnson) thinks, what Robert (Saleh) and Joe (Douglas) think, and that is putting together a very special run.”
So clearly just getting into a wild game or first-round playoff contest and losing, isn’t enough as far as the future Hall-of-Fame QB is concerned. “Very special run” is kind of code for winning a Super Bowl, don’t you think?
And remember what GM Douglas said at his 2019 introductory press conference:
“If you are not trying to win a Super Bowl every year, you shouldn’t be in this business,” Douglas said.
So no moral victories for the 2023 Jets, like making the playoffs and making a quick exit, and that being considered praise-worthy.
They need to try to win it all.
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