Jets biggest need Dan Leberfeld

You could make a strong argument that this is currently the Jets’ biggest need.

They need a game-wrecking pass-rusher in the worst way to help take their defensive front to the next level.

During the playoffs, Robert Saleh’s former boss and close friend, San Francisco 49er coach Kyle Shanahan, made a great point about the importance of having a great pass rush.

”Usually, the teams at this point in the year all have good pass rushes,” Shanahan before a 49ers playoff game. “I think it’s pretty hard to get to this point when you don’t have one.”

So true.

As Saleh said recently said about defensive line play – “It’s the one group that makes everyone better on defense and it’s the one group that can take away everybody on offense.”

So while some people are obsessed with the Jets adding receivers, and they certainly will moving forward, getting an elite pass rusher, who keeps opposing defensive coordinators up at night, is perhaps this team’s biggest need right now.

And this likely will be addressed early in the draft.


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