What’s the difference? Dan Leberfeld

As the late Raiders owner Al Davis liked to say, “Just win baby.”

Who cares how and when Robert Saleh announced that Joe Flacco would be starting Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Who cares?

Aren’t there bigger problems out there in the world to focus on than nonsense like this?

I’m going to assess Saleh on how he coaches the team this year, not his media announcements.

I’m really interested to see what happens with his defense, which was inconsistent last year. That’s the side of the ball he made his bones. With better talent, will they perform better? We shall see.

There are so many football things to focus on, I just can’t get caught up with how he handled the Flacco announcement. That is not something on my radar.

What they do this Sunday and on the rest of the game days this season, that’s on the radar.


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