Shouldn’t Jets stay with “Best scheme in the world” Dan Leberfeld

It’s not like they were running an offensive system that doesn’t have a great track record.

So why would you want to move on from it?

The Jets ran the Kyle Shanahan offensive system the last two years under coordinator Mike LaFleur, who they recently moved on from.

After hiring LaFleur in 2021, Robert Saleh called the Shanahan scheme LaFleur was bringing to Florham Park – “The best scheme in the world.”

So why would you want to move away from that?

Why not bring in somebody else who runs the same thing, and perhaps can run it better?

It’s a very QB-friendly system when well executed.

“Kyle (Shanahan) will give the QB a lot of easy throws,” said one long-time NFL executive. “One thing about Kyle’s offense, there are a lot of easy throws for the QB.”

Just look at the easy throws Shanahan has provided San Francisco rookie 7th-round QB Brock Purdy this season.

So if you think it’s the “best system in the world” why not hire somebody who will keep on running it?


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