They missed each other and probably helped Jets get Rodgers Dan Leberfeld

Yes, he proved a point, but he didn’t win, and his former team struggled as well.

There is no doubt WR Davante Adams put up big numbers last year with the Las Vegas Raiders, after forcing a trade from Green Bay. He caught 100 passes and 14 touchdowns.

He made news this week when he told The Ringer that the numbers he posted in Las Vegas, proved he didn’t need QB Aaron Rodgers to be successful.

“Now people can’t say that,” Adams said. “That’ll never be the narrative ever again. … It proved that I am me. A quarterback doesn’t make me. … make me. And I can do it consistently at this level.”

However, the Raiders finished 6-11, and the QB he wanted to play with, his college teammate Derek Carr, was released after the season.

The Packers struggled as well last season without Adams, finishing 8-9. It was quite apparent that they missed the magical Rodgers-Adams chemistry in the passing game, as the QB struggled to get on the same page with two raw rookies, who didn’t play in Power Five Conferences.

So Adams forcing a trade to Las Vegas, didn’t help the Raiders have much success, and it certainly hurt the success of his former team.

So it wasn’t great for either team.

Adams was like a baseball batting champion on a bad team, and he didn’t seem very happy last year in Las Vegas with all the losses. Money can’t buy you happiness.

It probably would have been best for the player and the Packers, to work out a contract, and keep Adams in Green Bay with Rodgers. The two had rare chemistry and production.

But maybe, in a way, it was good for the Jets. Because if Adams stayed in Green Bay, and he and Rodgers had another great season together, leading to more wins, perhaps the legendary QB is still with the Packers this year.


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