Zach Wilson’s Post-Game Press Conference Dan Leberfeld

Q: Was it difficult to play under constant pressure?

Wilson: I mean it is tough, but it is part of the job right. That is why we sign up to be quarterback. I feel like I am just getting better. Experiencing. Having stuff in your face you’ve got to be able to play. That is a part of the quarterback position. You can’t just say, “all this pressure, I cant do my job.” That is why quarterbacks, it is a tough position to come by. It is good for me and I am just going to keep working and getting better.

Q: How do you feel physically?

Wilson: Yeah, neck is a little sore. You know a little whip lash, but I will be alright.

Q:Was there a difference in intensity that you felt in this game versus preseason?

Wilson: Yeah, I mean you’ve got to give those guys credit. They are flying around. They are doing a great job on defense breaking up balls. All that kind of thing. But really, I feel like I was seeing the field well. Even early on when we struggled a little bit. I felt like I was seeing what I was supposed to be seeing. I just felt like we were just a little bit short on execution. Just some of the details overall and I have to clean that up. Us as a team you know we’ve got to get back in and watch the film and do better next week.

Q: What happed with the interception?

Wilson: Honestly, I wasnt mad about the read. It just was not a great throw. I got to, I mean I see the dude right there right and I’ve got to put the ball over top of him and we got to a route coming in behind him. It is tight. So obviously dont force things, but really, I’ve just got to make a better throw right there cant let him get a hand on it. Or get to my check down there.

Q: How shaken up were you after that late sack?

Wilson: Yeah, I was fine. But you know sometimes, it felt like I got hit by a truck there for a second. Sometimes you’ve got to catch your breath, take a deep breath and understand we are still in it. You’ve just got to stand up and keep going. So, I was fine. Just got the wind knocked out of me a little bit. And then we were able to go down and execute.

Q: Were they doing anything presnap to disguise pressure packages?

Wilson: Yeah, I mean we knew on third down that we were going to get pressure. We knew what we were going to bring and I feel like we were seeing it well. We’ve just got to execute and I’ve got to do a better job of getting the ball out of my hands faster. We’ve just got to get better at picking some of those up. I wouldn’t say we didnt know what they were doing though. They try to disguise certain things, but I feel like we had a good idea of what was going on.

Q: What are the range of emotions on your first touchdown pass?

Wilson: Yeah it is rough. It kind of kills the whole play a little bit and you hope he is doing ok. I am not even sure what was going on. It was the heat of the moment. We had to go back out there for another play. Of course, my prayers are with him and everyone else that got dinged up or hurt today. I hope he is doing alright because it sucks to see your left tackle out.

Q: What adjustments did you make in the second half to produce?

Wilson: Really, I think it just comes down to the NFL. Every series is kind of a new series. A new game almost. Even early on when things were struggling I felt like we were so close to having that play or one guy does this. Get that out a little bit faster. Throw a better ball here we were going to be going. I feel like it was really settling in. Honing in on the details and then just focusing on execution.

Q: Did the Panthers linebackers changing their numbers have any effect on you?

Wilson: Nah. They are still linebackers. You still see them standing there. You know you put it in your mind you see 7 and 4 back there you understand they are linebackers. They are big dudes. You know their safeties 21 and 31 so you are not confusing who is playing where at that point, but it is good to be aware of those.

Q: Did you feel that the game was still within reach at 16-0?

Wilson: Of course. Every game is. Even if it was 40-0. You’ve got to approach every single series like you have a chance to come back. That is why we do this. We are all competitors. No one out here is thinking “ah game is over let’s move on to next week.” If you are a competitor you are not going to take that. You are going to keep coming back every single series. Especially, 16-0. You have seen how quick some teams can score. In that situation we’ve just got to get the guys going a little bit. Get some energy and then execute.

Q: What do you think caused most of your issues today?

Wilson: No, I am not entirely sure. You’ve got to give credit to Carolina. They got some good pass rushers up front. I think we just got to settle in. Some of those first game things and you know we’ve got a great O-line. Those guys are going to go back. They are going to do their thing and they are going to get better this week in practice. We are going to make it work.

Are you disappointed that you weren’t able to run the ball better as an offense?

I wouldn’t say disappointed. I’ve got all the faith in the world in our run game, our scheme, everything we are doing. Like I said I think the run game came down to the little details as well. When you guys watch it looks just like a big scramble of dudes, but it is very organized as far as who is going to who. When you get back in the film room there is going to be a lot of good opportunities for these guys to learn on how we can improve in that run game.

Q: Do you think you have a better idea of what you need to do moving forward?

Wilson: Yeah, a little bit. I think every game I am going to keep learning. You know talking to Aaron Rogers a little bit ago as well. He is in year 17 and he is still learning every single game. It is like you are always going to be learning. So, it is like how quickly can I keep learning and every game there is going to be something new and I just need to keep settling in. Going through my keys and what I am looking at.