Jets fans can only hope Bowles handled this differently behind-the-scenes Dan Leberfeld

Here is what Todd Bowles had to say about Geno Smith’s comments to ESPN’s Lisa Salters and his sideline histrionics after a Ryan Fitpatrick pick in Arizona . . .

Q)What are your thoughts on Smith’s comments [to Lisa Salters about getting “antsy”]?

Bowles: My thoughts are that it’s just gossip and I don’t pay it any mind.

Q)The comments aren’t gossip because he said it?

Bowles: He said it to you all and you all write what you want to write. For me, it’s gossip. It had no bearing on him playing or not playing or anything else he has to say on the field. It has no bearing. It’s really a waste of my time.

Q)Do you take stock in a backup quarterback demonstrating visible frustration after the starting quarterback throws an interception?

Bowles: I’ve seen starters throw frustration. I’ve seen backups at every position have frustration. His story is no bigger than what it is.

Q)Does it worry you that Smith verbalized his frustration to a national broadcaster?

Bowles: It’s like dirt off the back of my shoulder. I have no issues with that. Ok? Me and Geno talked. We have our discussions. I talk with everyone on this team. He knows where I stand. We have a good understanding.

Jets fans can only hope that Bowles doesn’t have the same mindset about this behind-the-scenes, and he did talk to the player about his behavior.

Because if Bowles truly thinks this behavior is okay, the Jets’ program has a problem.